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Check out news for more cool stuff. Seven members of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) have signed a document that will lead this institution to the plenary next Wednesday, which claim to all parliamentary parties and forces, for the new legislative period, bet on a Covenanting for Justice to boost the necessary reforms to update the administration of a service you believe is key in the current economic crisis.

The proposal, which has had access to Europa Press, part of the study of several surveys in recent weeks have been very negatively valued the role of self-governing body of judges.One is the Barometer of the Bar and the results, released last 13 days, place the CGPJ as one of the worst rated institutions.

According to this study, eight out of ten Spanish reform is needed “urgent” and “deep” of the governing body of judges and six in ten think it depends on their executive decisions or the different political formations.

The document will be discussed in plenary CGPJ notes that “as a political body,” I can not ignore the value that people make the same or be oblivious to the alienation and distrust that exists at this institution.

"We must think seriously and take steps that allow us to move forward in restoring confidence of citizens in general and in particular judges," conclude the undersigned members, who are also CGPJ vice-president, Fernando de Rosa, Felix Azón vocals, Inmaculada Montalbán, Manuel Almenar, José Manuel Gómez Benítez, Miguel Collado and Margarita Robles.


The signatories recall that the full Board in June agreed to initiate a process of reflection and as a result of this is due to continue working on improving the policy of appointments to judicial office (to prioritize the principles of merit and ability) and further in the optimization of resources.

The members denounced “the oblivion into which occasionally incur the political forces in relation to the administration of justice, ignoring that the proper functioning of the same is not only essential for the effective exercise of the rights and freedoms, but also an element dynamic of the first magnitude in the context of the current economic crisis. “

Thus, the proposal that goes to the plenary are requested to political groups, as well as investments in the courts, “‘s own regulatory frameworks that enable century Administration of Justice more agile and effective.” Understand that the right tool to promote these measures is a State Pact for Justice.


They are also calling for the CGPJ budgetary autonomy “that should have a first immediate Reflection in their entirety by this body of reinforcements and replacements plans and determining the policy of creating judicial seats.

In addition, the members signed the proposal note that “the truth intentionally alter those relying on self-criticism” to CGPJ “discredit the work of nearly five thousand accusing judges generally, without qualification, to the holders of the courts, of an alleged politicization, obviating the job done with dedication. “